Shiori Ikeno – Sado


Deadbeat Club 2022

The natural splendor of Sado is undeniable, from the island’s remote, rural landscapes, to its coastal landforms and primeval forests. In Shiori Ikeno’s “Sado,” the artist revisits her grandparents’ home, her focus shifting from scenic foliage, to aging family, to childhood memorabilia. Elements of nature remain prominently on display – a tree in the reflection of a hospital window, fruits strung up or set out on the table. And all throughout, a stillness pervades, like a tranquil reverence. The island is quiet, but alive.

Once established as an island of exile where dissidents and nonconformists were banished by the emperor, Sado inadvertently became somewhat of a cultural incubator for artists and intellectuals who would go on to establish the very foundations of regional art, religion and tradition. In “Sado”, Ikeno foregoes much of her trademark bright, humorous images, for a more muted tone, echoing the respite of the island.  There’s certainly more to this story but the explanation lies just out of reach, somehow shrouded by time and nature.

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