Eric Pawlitzky – Und Alles Ist Weg (signed)


HörBild Verlag 2014

Numerous books books dealing with the fighting on the western front were published around the First World War. The events that took place in Eastern Europe seem to have been forgotten. Using historical sources, Eric Pawlitzky researched places on the territory of Poland where acts of violence took place in 1914 and 1915. He visited these places and photographed them as they are today. The book contains 26 large-format color plates with Polish landscapes, combined with descriptions of events in the form of quoted source texts, each in German and Polish. The book is an invitation to study the history of the First World War. on the territory of Poland, but it also wants to tempt you to visit the enchanting Polish landscapes. The photographs are accompanied by an essay by the author and a map, as well as an extensive list of sources.

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