Robbie Lawrence – Northern Diary


Stanley/Barker 2022

This new limited edition object includes twelve photographs taken by photographer Robbie Lawrence in his native Scotland over the past five years. Together they form a meditation on the relationship between people and place, creating an affirmation of life north of the border in the face of an increasingly tense political landscape across the UK. Launched to coincide with an exhibition at Stills Gallery, Northern Diary draws inspiration from the classic Valentine’s games that in years past, one would buy while away from a loved one to try and share an experience from their travels. “I have never considered myself a Scottish photographer. But a growing interest in my cultural heritage led me to start documenting my trips home to see my family. The phrase Northern Diary appeared several times in my notebooks over the years and became something of a totem for the work.” -Robbie Lawrence

Pages — 24
Cover — Embossed case containing 12 heavy weighted cards
Size — 200x150mm

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