Joseph Szabo – Rolling Stones Fans


Damiani 2015

“In 1978 as the school year drew to a close two of my high school students who had tickets to a Rolling Stones Concert approached me and asked if I would like to go with them to the concert. After discussing it with my wife Nancy, who thought it was a good idea and promising photo opportunity, I was enthusiastic to go for the experience. My students were delighted that I’d be joining them. Besides they needed me to drive us to Philadelphia from Long Island, New York. So off we went for whatever adventure might lay ahead. And I carefully packed my three 35mm cameras and plenty of b&w film to record the event. Recently, I was inspired to revisit the contact sheets from that one day and choose images that still spoke to me after so many years. Here are some of those photographs I took on June 17th at JFK Stadium surrounded by  90,000 Rolling Stones fans who were so open to my camera. One footnote… Bill and Chris, my two students, are still in touch and we are good friends to this day. I am forever grateful to them for our trip to that Rolling Stones Concert.”

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