Katarzyna Mazur – Anna Konda – Vernissage January 9th

Vernissage: Saturday January 9th – 6pm

Exhibition: January 11th – February 11th

‘During my research I came across women who worship their bodies. They nourish, form and toughen them. Their motivations are as diverse as those women’s personalities are. It may be their statement about the modern perception of women, their proof for the unity of femininity and strength, yet at the same time their instrument to be seen and desired’.
(Katarzyna Mazur)

In 2010, female fighters Anna Konda and Red Devil founded the Female Fight Club Berlin. This private and unique Club appeared as revival of female wrestling – tradition that dates back to Berlin of the Golden Twenties, when it was fairly popular. Nowadays, competitions take place in a rented room located in Berlin – Marzahn. The club is open for women of all age and weight. The fights follow no official guidelines, have no standard categories and do not demand any fighting style. It is all about challenging one’s mind and the mind of an opponent. This is where fighters meet as equals, where the most important tool they use is strength and willpower.

The book ‘ANNA KONDA’ ( 2015 by ‘die nacht publishing’), was
・Shortlisted at the Paris Photo – Aperture Photo Book Award
・Selected as one of the Best Photo Books of the Year by photo-eye
・Selected as one of the Most Beatiful Photo Books from the East by Calvert Journal
・Selected among the Best Photo Books of the Year by A-N

For the Vernissage we will have the last copies of that beautiful and now also sold out book here.
We are very glad to have a talk with Katarzyna Mazur and also Calin Kruse- photographer, designer and publisher of ‘ANNA KONDA’ and other great photo books.

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