‘Ukrainian Night’ by Miron Zownir and Kateryna Mishchenko – Book Launch

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch of the book ‘Ukrainian Night’ last night, especially the authors Miron Zownir and Kateryna Mishchenko, and Anne König from Spector Books.
‘In 2012/13 the photographer Miron Zownir and Kateryna Mishchenko, a Ukrainian writer and translator, visited the Ukraine to explore everyday life there from its margins. Zownir photographed drug addicts from Poltava, homeless people at Kiev’s main station, street children in Odessa and Chernivtsi and the inhabitants of several Roma camps. Mishchenko’s sensitive texts and Zownir’s close-up images document the profound fault lines in Ukrainian society, in which the harbingers of revolution can already be felt.’ Spector Books