Valery Faminsky – Berlin V.1945

12th Mai – 12th July 2018
Valery Faminsky, Fotograf der Roten Armee, dokumentierte von April bis August 1945 die Versorgung verwundeter Soldaten in Berlin für die medizinischen Behörden. Neben dieser Arbeit machte er auch viele beeindruckende Aufnahmen der zerstörten Stadt, ihrer Bevölkerung und des Alltags der russischen Truppen. Dank seiner Armee-Akkreditierung konnte sich Faminsky frei in der Stadt bewegen und wird ein echter Augenzeuge. Seine persönliche und humanistische Sichtweise unterscheidet seine Fotografien von den meisten anderen inszenierten Propagandabildern der ersten Nachkriegswochen in Berlin. Anfang August 1945 wurde Faminsky demobilisiert und kehrte nach Moskau zurück. Faminsky’s pictures from Berlin were neither reprinted nor issued and remained unknown, until the Moscow photographer Arthur Bondar discovered the pictures and acquired the archive in 2016. He very quickly recognised the unique historical significance and the quality of Valery Faminsky’s work and published a book of Faminsky’s pictures in 2017. Bildband Berlin and Arthur Bondar are proud to show Valery Faminsky’s photographs here in Berlin, where they originated exactly 73 years ago, for the first time.

Fred Hüning – Two Mothers

12th March – 12th April 2018 With ‘Two Mothers’ Fred Hüning continues the family story of his book ‘One Circle’. His mother has been living alone since husband’s death, many years ago. Er und seine Frau müssen mit den täglichen Haushaltsabläufen fertig werden und sein Sohn, der jetzt zehn Jahre alt ist. These are the themes of the new trilogy ‘Two Mothers’. ‘Two Mothers’ was published in 2017 by Peperoni Books.

Patricia Morosan – Sun Stands Still

18. Dezember – 11. Januar 2018 Die Bilder in der Fotoserie „Sun Stands Still“ wurden in den Jahren 2015/16 auf Reisen durch mein Heimatland Rumänien sowie durch Polen, Portugal und Deutschland aufgenommen. Aber die konkreten Orte lösen sich in dieser Arbeit auf und werden zu meinem persönlichen metaphorischen Raum. (Patricia Morosan) Patricia Morosan studierte Film- und Kunstgeschichte in Bukarest und Berlin sowie Fotografie an der Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie und Gestaltung in Berlin. “Sun Stands Still” wurde im November 2017 von “die nacht” veröffentlicht.

Jens Olof Lasthein – Meanwhile Across The Mountain

30. Oktober – 30. November 2017 Meanwhile Across The Mountain is Jens Olof Lasthein’s new book about his travels in the Caucasus. In der Sowjetzeit als Land des Weins und der Granatäpfel, der sauberen Bergluft und der sonnigen Strände bekannt, sind die heutigen kaukasischen Republiken aufgrund jahrzehntelanger Kriege und ungelöster Konflikte oft durch Stacheldraht und Misstrauen getrennt, was zu einer Region der Spannungen führt.
Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh 2014.
Kendelen, Kabardino-Balkaria 2015
Ureki, Georgia 2013.
Unty, Dagestan 2015.

Piotr Zbierski – Push The Sky Away

June 17th – July 29th 2017 Piotr Zbierski’s work focuses on the common threads of human existence; emotions, behaviour and ritual, shared across all cultures. Piotr Zbierski studierte an der polnischen nationalen Film-, Fernseh- und Theaterschule in Lodz. He was awarded the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award in 2012, was nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013 and chosen to be part of Regeneration3 at the Musée de l’Elysée in 2015. ‘Push The Sky Away’ was published by Dewi Lewis and André Frère Editions in 2016

Matt Eich – Carry Me Ohio

May 15th – June 14th 2017 ‘Carry Me Ohio’, published by Sturm & Drang in 2016, is a soulful and haunting homage to the rural Americawhere Matt Eich has lived for the last decade.
Route 356 to Mineral, Ohio is flooded as the winter snows begin to melt on February 25, 2007.
Guy McRoberts and other veterans stand on the sidewalk during a motorcycle rally to commemorate a fallen soldier in Russellville, Ohio on June 23, 2012.
Tylor Woodrum, 16, holds a box containing his father’s ashes on January 30, 2007 in Carbondale, Ohio. Dave Woodrum was killed in August of 2006 in a high-impact 4-wheeler accident. Dave’s family had his body cremated and his favorite cock-fighting rooster mounted on top of the box.
A demolition derby held at the Athens County Fairground in Athens, Ohio on June 23, 2012.

Martin Bogren – Italia

February 20th – March 22nd 2017 A lyrical and timeless black and white photo-essay photographed on his travels in Italy from 2013-2015. Martin Bogren’s work is widely exhibited and he has published several monographs; his books ‘Ocean’ and ‘Tractor Boys’ became instant classics in recent photobook history. Martin Bogren is based in Malmö, in 2013 he joined Galerie VU´ in Paris.

Birte Kaufmann – The Travellers

January 16th – February 15th 2017 In 2011 Birte Kaufmann cautiously began to make contact with the travelling community in Ireland, earning their trust and on some occasions living with them. For her portrayal of this unknown world, she needed to be in close contact with the families in order to capture their particular character and to avoid the usual stereotypes. Birte Kaufmann’s combination of reportage and documentary photography offers impressive insights into an extraordinary world. In 2016 Kettler Verlag published the book ‘The Travellers’. A limited, numbered and signed special edition, including a print, was published as well. The last copies will be available here! Birte Kaufmann has been a member of the Deutsche Fotografische Akademie since 2016.
Pamela is lying in the caravan at the backroads, County Carlow, Ireland
The Donoghue twins at Ballinasloe horse fair, County Galway, Ireland

Olaf Unverzart – Immer dieser Zirkus

December 10th 2016 – January 11th 2017 We are proud to present an exhibition of prints from Unverzart’s books showing the range of different styles and the unique language that has brought the Munich based photographer international recognition. From his early works and his famous ‘Alps’ to the new photobook ‘Hundert’ that records one year in life of his grandmother. Olaf Unverzart has twice won the German photobook prize and in 2010 and 2016 the gold LEAD Award. In the last 15 years Olaf Unverzart has published 7 photobooks and held numerous solo and group exhibitions.
tropical wood patagonia argentina 2006
o.T., aus der Serie “fallen kann ich auch alleine”, 1999

Werner Mahler – Fans

October 29th – December 7th 2016 A great study of youth culture in the GDR – 1980-85 Werner Mahler, leading photographer and one of the founders and directors of the Ostkreuz Photo Agency – his lyrical documentations have become icons of German photography.
Mike Kilian der Rockgruppe
Mike Kilian der Rockgruppe “Rockhaus”, 1981, DDR
Konzert der ostdeutschen Rockband
Konzert der ostdeutschen Rockband “Karat” in Hennigsdorf bei Berlin, Brandenburg, 1981, DDR
Fans auf Rockkonzert, 1981, Berlin
Fans auf Rockkonzert, 1981, Berlin
Fans beim Spiel BFC - Dynamo Berlin im Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark, Berlin, 1980, DDR
Fans beim Spiel BFC – Dynamo Berlin im Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark, Berlin, 1980, DDR
Fußballfans des 1. FC Union Berlin, Berlin, 1980, DDR
Fußballfans des 1. FC Union Berlin, Berlin, 1980, DDR
Fußballfans, Berlin, 1986, DDR
Fußballfans, Berlin, 1986, DDR

Manfred Paul – Nature Morte

August 1st – August 31st 2016 Still lifes from ordinary objects in East Berlin, 1983 to 1985 – Chronicler of Prenzlauer Berg history, Manfred Paul has been an important figure in Berlin’s photo scene for more than thirty years. Manfred_Paul_Stillleben_001 Manfred_Paul_Stillleben_022 Manfred_Paul_Stillleben_020 copy

Tina Bara – Lange Weile

June 27th – July 27th 2016 Photography and autobiography in East Berlin 1983-1989 Tina Bara’s early black+white photography in a book designed like a film script – a melancholic counterpoint to the political culture of the GDR 203_Selbst im Fenster und Spiegel 1 182_Manu mit Bild copy 001_Selbstportrait mit Riss copy 104_Verena mit Brandmauer copy 202_218_50.1bea Kopie

Sandra Stein – Keine Ahnung

May 21th – June 16th 2016 A decade long observation of young women growing up. Sandra Stein is an internationally known portrait photographer, ‘Keine Ahnung’ is her first book, published by Kettler Verlag in 2015. Nina, 12. girl, MŠdchen, Project, Book, Keine Ahnung, MArkus Schaden, Wolfgang Zurborn, Thekla Ehling, paris photo, photobook club, frederic lezmi, red, hair, pubescent, pubertŠt,

Misha Pedan – The End of La Belle Époque

April 11th – May 4th 2016 We at Bildband are very proud to host Misha Pedan, one of the shining lights of Soviet and Ukrainian photography, and launch his new book, The End of La Belle Époque. The book brings together his pictures from Kharkiv, Ukraine in the late 80’s, the last days of the Soviet Union. We will have an exhibition of pictures from this book, and also from Metro – Pedan’s previous book, scenes from the Kharkiv metro in the 1980s. cccp.011b cccp.009b

Katarzyna Mazur – Anna Konda

January 11th – February 11th 2016 In 2010, female fighters Anna Konda and Red Devil founded the Female Fight Club Berlin. This private and unique Club appeared as revival of female wrestling – tradition that dates back to Berlin of the Golden Twenties, when it was fairly popular. Nowadays, competitions take place in a rented room located in Berlin – Marzahn. The club is open for women of all age and weight. The fights follow no official guidelines, have no standard categories and do not demand any fighting style. It is all about challenging one’s mind and the mind of an opponent. This is where fighters meet as equals, where the most important tool they use is strength and willpower. The book ‘ANNA KONDA’ ( 2015 by ‘die nacht publishing’), was ・Shortlisted at the Paris Photo – Aperture Photo Book Award ・Selected as one of the Best Photo Books of the Year by photo-eye ・Selected as one of the Most Beatiful Photo Books from the East by Calvert Journal ・Selected among the Best Photo Books of the Year by A-N 26 17 10 18

Anton Podstraský – Lost Poet

December 7th 2015 – January 6th 2016 Recently discovered master of street photography from behind the Iron Curtain. Beautifully observed scenes from Slovakia in the 1960’s and ’70s. 330_7 001 7_1 001 1119_24 001 119_3 001 538_12 001

René Groebli – Early Work

October 26th – December 4th 2015 Today Rene Groebli is well known as one of the most important Swiss photographers. His work from1945-55 is key in seeing and understanding the development of European photography, through his Modernist techniques and his own timeless vision. With ‘Early Work’, the Zurich based publisher ‘Sturm & Drang’ presents for the first time a comprehensive overview of the images that Rene Groebli produced between 1945 and 1955, including many of his well-known images, and many published for the first time. In the exhibition we will have vintage as well as modern prints for sale from his famous books, and from the seldom seen ‘Early Work’. Also the special edition of “Auge der Liebe”, boxed with a signed book and print in an edition of 20, will be available. 8 7 5 4 3 2 1

Kirill Golovchenko – Bitter Honeydew

October 5th – October 22nd 2015

In the summer months, little markets rise up along the Ukrainian highways that usually consist of individual, simply made fruit and vegetable stands. Some of the vendors stay overnight, putting up tents or small wooden shacks, or they live with their families in trailers. Their nighttime labours are the subject of the book ‘Bitter Honeydew’ – Kehrer Verlag, 2015 Not only the locals set up their stands on the side of the road. During the warm season, vendors also flock here from the margins of the former Soviet Union, from Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia. They all bring different customs and traditions with them, forming a microcosm in which diverse personalities are united by a single pursuit: making money in order to raise their standard of living, or simply to escape hunger. In emphatic portraits, Bitter Honeydew documents the street vendors’ daily struggle for survival. The series was awarded the Abisag-Tüllmann-Prize in 2013 and the European Publishers Award in 2014.





Silva Bingaz – Japan Coast

September 14th – October 1st 2015 Silva Bingaz was born in eastern Turkey as a daughter of an Armenian family, she current lives and work in Istanbul. In 2002 she started working with her on going project ‘Coast’ that was exhibited in different european cities, as well in New York and Japan. In 2014 Edition Frere published ‘Japan Coast’ , her study of the landscape and people of Trottori, Japan. At Bildband we will have an exhibition of pictures from this book, and some new works. silva-3-copy silva-25_bildband-copy silva5(1)-copy

Shilo Group – Chronicle

September 5th – September 11th 2015 The book “Chronicle” features the photographs taken between 2010 and 2015 in the Ukraine. Arranged in chronological sequence the chapters of the book equally are a reaction to changes in our lives as well as their documentation. Front-line Kharkiv, revolutionary Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk regions, shown in “Chronicle”, are the scenes of actions that will determine the future of Ukraine and, of course, the whole of Europe.’ Calin Kruse – Die Nacht Publishing “We were taught in school that we were born in the best country and that we were sure to get the victory over everybody else. In a little while the country seized to exist. It is believed that the 90s were a time of changes and cataclysms, but for us it has all started just now.” Photographs by Sergiy Lebedynskyy and Vladyslav Krasnoshchok (Shilo Group). Chronicle_Teil2_web-13-930x620 Chronicle_Teil2_web-4-930x620

Sanna Charles – God Listens to Slayer

August 10th – September 4th 2015 The Berlin launch of Sanna Charles’ book, God Listens to Slayer, with an exhibition of her pictures from the book. Over the past 12 years Charles has followed Slayer all over europe and photographed their devoted fans, brought together in an amazing book on Ditto Press. 46 glts_8

Tom Licht – Vater, Sohn und der Krieg

July 6th – July 31st 2015 ‘In 2013, the German photographer Tom Licht set off with his father to search for the place in a Russian village where his grandfather was killed during World War II. They left their town in Germany and covered some 5,000 miles, confronting the yet unhealed scars of the war. the result was a book, “Vater, Sohn und der Krieg”, Kehrer Verlag, 2015’ New York Times tl_015(1)

Alisa Resnik – Berlin/Moscow

May 25th – June 20th 2015

Alisa Resnik (b. 1976 in St. Petersburg, Russia) moved to Berlin, Germany, in 1990. After studying Art History in Berlin and Bologna she began photographing in 2008. Her work has been exhibited in Rome, Milan, Madrid and at the Rencontres d’Arles, selected among the PhotoEspaña 2009 Descubrimientos and among the new talents at the Musée Suisse de l’appareil Photographique in Vevey. She received awards by Winephoto Contest in 2008 and 2009.

In her photo series, Alisa Resnik combines images mainly taken at night in Berlin. Leaden-colored scenes, greasy spoon cafés, echoed empty halls, old hotel rooms still holding on to a subtle feeling of the past, and people’s faces… Hurried glances, small awkward gestures, hands searching for support, grief or harshness in the corner of an eye.





Fred Hüning – One Circle

April 20th – May 16th 2015 We are very proud to host an exhibition of Fred Hünings photographs, from his book One Circle on Peperoni Books. Previously shown at The Photographers Gallery in London and The Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Hünings heart-breakingly beautiful pictures of his wife and child ‘Shows the power of photography to be a cathartic tool to deal with big emotional subjects and make sense of a world that can at times seem unfair, cruel and desparate.’ (Susan Bright) fred-huning-6

Sarah Walzer – Junge Siegerin

February 20th – April 20th 2015

We have an exhibition of Sarah Walzers pictures from her book ‘Junge Siegerin’

As Photonews said in their roundup of the best photobooks of 2014 ‘Rarely was adolescence so intensely and genuinely captured as in this portrait series’.

‘In der Arbeit Junge Siegerin suche ich nach Menschen, die mich interessieren und meinem inneren Eindruck entsprechen. Meine Kulisse finde ich in öffentlichen Parks und Freibädern innerhalb Berlins. Dort spreche ich heranwachsende Mädchen an und bitte sie um einen Moment der Unterbrechung, in dem sie sich meiner Kamera präsentieren.’ Sarah Walzer


Yana Wernicke – Irrlicht

January 10th – February 8th 2015

Wernicke`s graduate work at Ostkreuz Photo School was an investigation into Sorb culture, a Slavic minority in south-east Germany.

This self published limited edition book, includes all the pictures from the exhibition, a strong first book from an interesting young photographer.

“Irrlicht” is a series about a place somewhere between reality and fiction. A place where Sorbian rites and traditions still exist and where their myths and legends find a new life altogether“.