Will McBride - Berlin im Aufbruch


Lehmstedt Verlag 2013

German language

The American painter, sculptor and photographer Will McBride came to Berlin in 1955 as a student. He was fascinated by the liveliness of the city, which seemed to embody the dawn of a new era, despite all the conflicts, until the Wall was built. \n \nCamera in hand, he explored its disparate halves, which were still connected at the time, and observed the intense efforts of reconstruction. At the same time, through authenticity, intimacy and dynamism, he created captivating photographs of the dawn of a new generation that was trying to free itself from traditional constraints and develop a new, freer lifestyle.

In doing so, Will McBride did not see himself as a strict documentarist, but rather as a visual artist who wanted to put his own experiences into the picture.