Thomas Sandberg - Erinnerung an Ahrenshoop - Special Edition with Print


Self published 2012 

If you can't stop the flow of time, at least take a picture of it, is a photographer's simple credo. And so the fisherman Dade asked me at the harbor, “What are you doing here with that eyepiece again?” and then he answered straight away, “You record it for him and put it in his files”. Yes, exactly, that's what I wanted back then. But the pictures turned out differently. What emerged was more of an inventory of one's own, inner landscape. The photos from Ahrenshoop show a place that no longer exists today. They show the neighbors who are no longer alive and their own children when they could still hide in a cornfield. At the same time, the images testify to a state of mind. They are vivid memories of my childhood and youth in East Germany. A time that seemed eternal at the time. - Thomas Sandberg

Limited Edition of 50 copies, including a hand made silver gelatine print