Sibylle Fendt - _:*


Self published 2021

Sibylle Fendt's specialty is portrait photography. Her free projects are often designed to last several years, during which she accompanies people in elementary crises. In 2010, this concept earned her 1st place in the Vattenfall Photo Prize, which was awarded to her for the series “Gärtners Reise”. Sibylle is also a lecturer in photography, including at the OSTKREUZSCHULE. Her work is regularly shown at exhibitions around the world.

In her publication _:* in the form of a slipcase with 24 picture cards, Sibylle Fendt brings together 24 portraits and statements by artists and cultural workers who she appreciates for their uniqueness, their uncompromisingness and for their very special language and the path they appreciates. All of those portrayed share a feminist attitude.

Sibylle Fendt: 'Since my selection of the protagonists is highly subjective and cannot aim for completeness, I decided not to produce a book, but rather a high-quality slipcase with 24 picture cards.