Peter Fettich - Rispect The Boul (signed)


Self published 2019 

Yet another memorable book comes at the tail end of 2019, quite the year for fans of the printed page, Peter Fettich's debut documenting the Slovenian DIY scene and community. 

Self published and beautifully presented, Rispect the Boul invites us to spend some time with the people and places of Peter's chosen scene, and share the good times and hard times that come with finding a piece of land that no one else wants and turning it into somewhere that means so much to so many. Cement burns, family, beers, nature hard work and life long bonds formed around concrete oases that may be fleeting or may be there for years to come for new generations and communities.  

A book that reassures you that there is good in this world and that as skateboarders we are lucky enough to be reminded of the fact on a very regular basis. - Josef Chladek

Hardcover, every piece of fabric has been skateboarded on making each copy unique. Printrun: 300. Desgin by Hanna Juta Kozar, Peter Fettich, texts by Rich Gilligan, Tibor Rep, Oli Buergin.