Neil Drabble – Closer (signed)

Double Obelus Editions 2024

The body of work evolved from a series of regular night walks Neil Drabble undertook over a 12-month period (2020 – 2021). All of the pictures were made within a 1-mile radius of the artists’ home in south London. The contiguity and darkness in the work creates a tension between interior and exterior, mind and world, familiar and strange. The sequence and edit, knits together an uneasy psychogeography of fact and fiction, vernacular and otherworldly; a somnambulistic account of nocturnal curiosity and quotidian peculiarity. The title of the book alludes to proximity and introspection, and also acknowledges the sensibility and atmosphere evoked by the music and lyrics of the Joy Division album of the same name.

1st Edition, 500 copies
21 x 29.7 cm
284 pages
Linen-bound hardcover
De-bossed with tip-in image on front cover
White foiled spine spine and reverse
Full colour offset
150gsm silk coated inners