Max Zerrahn - Musical Chairs (signed)


White Belt 2024

In his third monograph, Musical Chairs, Max Zerrahn transcends the mundane
confines of everyday objects, liberating them from their human-imposed roles.
Drawing parallels with classical fairy tales reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm, Hans
Christian Anderson and Toy Story, inanimate objects begin to take on

a life of their own. The urban space transforms into a stage, devoid of human
presence, yet secretly coming alive.

Musical Chairs leverages the representational character of photography, the images
remain true to the subject without being aesthetically over-romanticized. By
embracing the medium’s inherent ability to capture and depict reality,

Max Zerrahn achieves a poetic yet humorous view of the hidden life of things and a
pointed engagement with the medium of photography and its capabilities.

The titular game of Musical Chairs provides the narrative structure for the book.
Similar to the children's game of musical chairs, where a chair is removed in each
round, the book is divided into chapters with decreasing page numbers.