Max Korndörfer - Zaunkönig


Self published 2022

A “Zaunkönig” (engl. wren) is a small bird which is often seen in rather rural areas and in places where it can hide itself like in fences or hedges. In German ‘Zaun’ also means ‘fence’. Max’s work is a contemplation about the nature of suburbs.

“The idea to this project came up when walking rather accidentally to the border of Berlin to Brandenburg. I came through areas which reminded me physically and emotionally of my home town in Saxony. I have ambivalent feelings while walking there, it feels attractive, on the one hand, and repulsive, on the other. Questions about what’s home and ways of living came up. When walking in the suburbs I’m searching for symbols which underline that feelings for me. So the work is not a description of a particular place, rather a narrative about suburbs in general.”