Mark Steinmetz - ATL


Nazraeli Press 2024

The 64 black-and-white images in ATL captures the more introspective moments of travel in and out of the world’s most heavily trafficked airport and includes travelers of all ages “leaving one chapter of their lives and going to another” as the artist said in an interview in 2019. Airline pilots, ground personnel, flight attendants, and janitors are also pictured, always working, often waiting; they share a space with the travelers but remain apart.

Steinmetz also turns his focus to the open spaces around the airport, presenting vast, overgrown, and often unpeopled areas that provide a sharp contrast to the busy workings of the airport and its constantly changing population. A selection of images taken from aircraft windows depict the graphic beauty of clouds, light streaks, and jet trails, echoing the “sense of levity and mystery” felt by those traveling, as well as those viewing the photographs.

Hardcover, 26,5 x 30,5 cm
80 pages, 63 b/w photographs
English text

ISBN: 978-1-59005-567-0