Lukas Zander - Seele braucht Heimat


Self Published 2022

Spring 1945 – The end of the Second World War was near. The German population of the eastern provinces in occupied Poland, including Silesia, East and West Prussia, were forced by the approaching Soviet troops to leave their homes, leave their belongings behind and flee. The West German territories, which were under the military rule of the Allied troops after the unconditional surrender of the National Socialists, were faced with an almost impossible task in the months that followed. In the turmoil of the end of the war, countless refugees arrived from the East with each passing day. The population was urged to prepare for hard times. Every house, every flat, every room that offered space was used as accommodation to house and care for the people. But capacities were limited and acceptance among the population was finite. As a result, new housing estates and makeshift homes had to be built to provide refuge for the homeless. One of these settlements was on the Galgendreisch.

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