Justus Lemm - Lithics


Self published 2024

Anthropogenesis describes the long evolutionary process by which humans became what they are today: deeply social and cultural beings. In this process, humans have increasingly emancipated themselves from nature, while always remaining part of it.  It is difficult to describe humanity accurately if we try to reduce it to a few defining aspects or if we look at it only from a contemporary point of view. Instead, it is necessary to look at this uniqueness from the perspective of evolutionary development. 

„Lithics“ explores places and matter that are closely linked to early human history.
Historical artifacts mingle with contemporary environments, evidence of the past with what will later become traces.
The silent protagonists are the Neanderthals, whose habitats and cultural sites in Europe were repeatedly explored and photographically examined.

„Lithics“ is a search for the origins of human behavior, our interaction with the world and the fragility of human existence.
First edition of 100
108 Pages, 20x26cm