Josée Schryer - sur-la Rouge

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Peperoni 2016

Somewhere in Canada. Pretty far out. Forest, hills, long narrow streets and paths. One encounters a deer rather than a man. The way to the drugstore or the pizza restaurant has to be covered by car. In winter there is snow and you have to wrap up warm.

Or you stay in the house. The walls are wood-paneled. The furniture is made of wood, too and on the walls hang landscape pictures, colorful painted plates and animal skins. Sun shines through the window, a good feeling. Maybe the girl will have enough time to lay a big puzzle this winter. And the friendly winking signor is sitting at the kitchen table in workwear with a nice pot of coffee.

I guess this is the father, to whom Josee Schryer has dedicated her book. A book that tells very gently about the distance that can exist between people who actually should be close. And about ways to overcome it. - Hannes Wanderer