Joe Singleton - Stainless


Salt n Pepper Press 2023

‘Stainless’ by Joe Singleton is 26 images of the block of council flats located across from the identical block of flats I lived in. The view is from the living room window on the 8th floor across different dates/times throughout April/May in 2020. Leverton gardens, originally a social housing complex of 3 blocks of flats, was built in the 1960s and re-clad in 2009, the flats could be anywhere in the UK but these are in Sheffield. Sheffield was a utopia for social housing in the 1950/60’s. 60+ years later and most of those developments have been demolished or ’upgraded’ into overpriced apartments. The ones that are left, people live there.

These images are captured on a view camera, creating a Ruscha/Becher-esque repetitive ‘typology’ of the same view, over and over again.

29.5 x 36.5cm Softcover 64 pages

1st Edition, 150 copies