Jens Liebchen - Tsukba-Narita 2011/03/13 (signed)


Spector Books 2011

'I left Japan two days after the quake. The situation was unclear. Information from Japanese and Western media differed to a great extent. The bus to Narita left on time, as usual.' - Jens Liebchen

Including text by Christoph Schaden available in both Japanese and English, Jens Liebchen's Tsukuba-Narita 2011/03/13, is a visual narrative which attemps to grasp the very strange sense of normacly within the context of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami which hit Japan in March 2011. Captured on a quiet Sunday morning in the spring of 2011, the photographs capture the journey in which Liebchen took to leave Japan, two days after the earthquake. The resulting images within this publication is a distinctively ambiguous record of a moment, visually encapsulating the many questions and attemps in trying to understand a catastophic event where normalcy was forced to exist in its 'reverse'.

Signed copy

Book Size -140 x 210 mm

Pages -168 pages, 80 images

Binding -Hard Cover