Janick Entremont - If Time Does Not End


Self Published 2023

Humans live, age, and eventually face their seemingly inevitable death. For all living beings, death is the immutable constant – a natural law – to which all life succumbs. But what happens when this law loses its validity?

Several hundred people worldwide are putting their faith in the promise of a future technology designed to make their death reversible. In the meantime, their bodies, or optionally just their brains, are stored in nitrogen-cooled tanks at minus 196 degrees Celsius.

For his graduation work, Janick Entremont delves into a subject as ancient as humanity itself: death and how we deal with it. In doing so, he not only documents the ambitious experiment called cryonics, but also searches for clues to the existential question raised by what it enables: what is the value of time if it does not end?

32 x 27 cm / 30 pictures / Edition of 100 / Hardcover / two different papers / white ink