Jaime Sebastián - 1PX/4KM


Handshake 2022

1PX/4KM is the result of researching the NOAA satellites. A series of apparently obsolete meteorological instruments, which sail through space circling the earth on a daily basis.

Through a homemade antenna and several field trips, Jaime Sebastián explores the possibilities of reproduction of these instruments, trying to answer several questions along the way. How do you access a camera that is in space? What alternative functions can be found in these images? To what extent can they be considered your own photographs?

The images captured by the author are combined in the book with pieces of the history of the NOAA program and the gradual acceptance of these satellites by an online community of radio amateurs who ended up appropriating the medium. \nA journey through radio waves that proposes a visual language of vertical perspectives and kilometric scales that invite us to reflect on our place on earth and the use we make of technologies.