Jack Latham – Beggar’s Honey


Here Press 2024

‘Beggar’s Honey’ is an exploration into the clandestine world of click farms.

Click farms are shadowy operations that are responsible for artificially inflating the engagement metrics of content on social media, manipulating the algorithms with serious consequences – from influencing consumer behaviour to compromising the integrity of democratic processes.

Jack Latham’s audacious project seeks to expose the inner workings of click farms for the very first time. By juxtaposing the captivating with the covert, he challenges our perception of the digital landscape and urges us to question the authenticity of the content we encounter daily.

170 x 210 mm - 134 pages with 20 fold outs

100 colour photographs - Lithoprinted on coated and uncoated paper

Softback printed cover and printed dust jacket - 4 different dust jacket options

Edition of 750

Please note that the 4 different dust jackets options are being randomly allocated