Boris Mikhailov - Am Boden/ By the Ground + Die Dämmerung/ At Dusk


Oktagon 1996

"Shot on the streets of Kiev and Kharkiv (Mikhailov's home town) with a Horizont panoramic camera (manufactured in Kharkiv), both books are a searing indictment of a society that has broken down and whose vacuum has been filled by the 'free' market....The sense of chaos, despair and misery is unrelenting, with image after image detailing environmental decay, shabby street people, food queues and comatose drunks lying on the streets. This is hard-hitting social documentary photography...Neither work could be described as uplifting in tone, but the pair make for an immensely powerful, unsettling, yet subtle photobook."- Parr & Badger.

2 Volume Set. Hardcover, no dust jacket as issued, in a cardboard slipcase, 180 x 280 mm. First edition, 1996. Numerous sepia-toned & cyan-toned reproductions. Text in English, in German & Russian. 

Included in The Photobook by Parr & Badger, vol. 2, p.77.