Anne Schwalbe - Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt (signed)


Self-Published 2013

"The series Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt by photographer Anne Schwalbe can be seen as an ode to slowness - an ode to nature, light and emptiness. Schwalbe photographs her surroundings intuitively, with no preconceived ideas. Compiled in a publication or hanging together in an exhibition, the photos become the lines of a poem. Photographed prose. Anne Schwalbe visualizes stillness, providing another voice and a welcome change from the contemporary visual bombardment. In the series Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt (..) a rhythm of colours and forms is created, invoking contemplation and peace." 

Size: 24 x 31,5cm 

35 Photographs 

Offset printed in Berlin