10 Jahr Hambacher Forst


Verlag Kettler 2022

It is one of the most iconic places in Germany: in recent years, the Hambach Forest has become a symbol not only of the protest against the anachronistic use of lignite, but also of the fight against the various forms of oppression and destruction inherent in capitalism. As a result, the Hambach Forest is a treasure trove of stories that are both beautiful and sad; it is a historic place, a unique natural habitat, a haven that must be preserved complete with all of its stories.

That is exactly what this book aims to achieve. It brings together pictures taken by 17 different photographers who have witnessed and documented the occupation of the forest over the past decade. By combining artistic and activist positions, photographs, original records, and archival material, it tells the stories of those who have stood up for the preservation of the Hambach Forest. This publication serves as a chronological account, as a warning, and as a tribute to the numerous activists who have fought to uphold their convictions, to build a diverse community in a spirit of solidarity, and to make the world a better place to live in.