Ulrich Wüst - Jahrebuch


Verlag für moderne Kunst 2009

In this book, Berlin photographer Ulrich Wüst (born 1949) brings together images from the past 30 years. He recorded them in different places, in Berlin, in German cities and while traveling, mostly in Europe. Ulrich Wüst is not a travel photographer, none of the photographs were commissioned, reportage is not his profession. Rather, these images are the visual diary of a photographer who, since his beginnings, has dealt with the spaces that people have created for themselves for their self-expression and their expressions of life . And it doesn't follow a strict chronology, although it has been created continuously over the years.

Ulrich Wüst, whose analytical, strict city photographs have become widely known, shows in this diary a different, lyrical-associative side of his work. Subtle compositions of seemingly trivial details, seemingly random observations on the peripheries and in the gray areas of cities and in the open countryside are the material with which the photographer develops an often melancholic-seeming poetics of the visual. Even if some of the images seem as if they were taken from the inventory of dreams, they show a fragile reality beyond certainties and often with clear signs of decay.

96 pages, 21 x 28 cm, 129 illustrations

Hard cover, cover Surbalin quartz gray with blind embossing and hot foil stamping

Language: German