Altay Tuz - Members Only


Self published 2024

Guest workers from Turkey have been settling in Germany since 1961. The first group immigrating with the invitation of the German government along with the other guests from Southern Europe, they arrived to rebuild the war- torn country that had lost a great part of its cities and its people. Even after half a century, this workforce is facing everyday challenges and struggles in belonging to their new home.

This ‘’in progress’’ integration left many at the limbo of the least comfortable choice, between belonging and longing. While they were full members of the society in Germany -despite facing everyday pain of being part of the immigrant society, ranging from stereotyping to xenophobia- an ideal of a ‘’dream homeland’’ eases the daily disappointment and provides a mental and psychological shelter to those in need.

Members Only explores the fluid and multi-faceted identity of Turkish guest workers in Germany with the photographs of these makeshift homelands.

144 pages, 34 photographs 16 x 22 cm, HardcoverEnglish/German/Turkish Design: Wigger Bierma Text: Gülce Koç

1st Edition, 150 copies

ISBN: 978-3-944954-71-4