Viktoria Sorochinski – Anna & Eve


Peperoni Books – 2013

First edition

Viktorai Sorochinski’s great narrative ›Anna & Eve‹ is a journey into different worlds — children’s fantasy world and the real world of adults. Worlds that attract and repel each other, overlap and drift apart again. The borders are vague, adults carry the memory of their own childhood, children feel that they will be grown-ups themselves one day.

At this fragile interface Viktoria Sorochinski’s fabulous series about the young mother Anna and her little daughter Eve takes place. Inspired by her own childhood memories of Russian fairy tales she describes over the course of 7 years the enigmatic relationship between mother and daughter with magical fantasy scenes that don’t reveal, who holds the power and control between the two, and who is still learning the essence of being a human in this world. (Hannes Wanderer)

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