Ute Mahler – Zusammenleben


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Hatje Cantz – 2014 

First edition – hardback – English, French & German languages

Mahler’s explicitly humanist view of the world defines her work as both an artist and as a fashion and portrait photographer for magazines. Over forty years ago she began her series Zusammenleben (Living Together), which subtly captures the ways that people experience everyday life, while revealing what is insinuated but left unsaid. Her black-and-white photographs are gentle yet unflinching depictions of life in former East Germany. In 1988, sensing that she had seen enough, Mahler stopped gathering images showing innumerable variations of the constellations of men, women, children, friends, and strangers that she repeatedly encountered. Now her images—true testimonies of a past era—are being published for the first time in book form.

Fantastic print quality, the great design of Clara Bahlsen and the outstanding images makes this book a true future classic.


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