Seba Kurtis – Falsification (signed)


The Gould Collection 2022

For Falsification, volume six of The Gould Collection, altered realities—by choice or coercion—inform the pairing of photographs by Seba Kurtis with a short story by Hiromi Kawakami. Conflict, whether national or local, transforms and imprints lives. Some flee, others remain, but all are marked by the trauma. Memories of what was are often elusive or completely altered, even after life regains some degree of normalcy.
The Gould Collection is a series of books created to honor the memory of Christophe Crison, a photobook collector from Paris who died prematurely in 2015 at the age of forty-five. Since its inception in 2016, The Gould Collection’s editors have brought together a diverse group of photographers and writers from around the world. A shared thematic sensibility underlies the editors’ selection of the photographer-writer pairings presented in each volume. There are commonalities but also differences. Somewhere in between lies an ambiguous space that destabilizes reader assumptions—inviting shifting perspectives and a fluid interaction between words and images.
Edition of 1000 copies

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