Robert Lyons – Zero Line Boundary


Zatara Press 2022

23 x 26 mm or 9 x 10.2 inches
48 B+W Photographs
96 Pages + Dust Jacket
Smyth-Sewn Softcover
Trade Edition: 300

Zero Line Boundary is a mediation and discourse on the 49th parallel – the International Border between the United States of America and Canada, the longest continuous border in the world between two countries.  It is a liminal space that is rarely addressed when one thinks of the United States’ borders.  Over a multi-year period Robert Lyons traveled to areas in Vermont, New York, Washington, Quebec and British Columbia to investigate the people and the surrounding lands.

The short story “Many Metaphors Ferried Across the Border” by Nigerian writer Emmanuel Iduma accompanies the photographs in an allegorical approach.  The story and photographs together invite the reader to consider and ponder ideas of identity, nation state, and what it means to call a location (country) home.


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