Morgan Ashcom – Leviathan


Peperoni Books – 2015

First edition

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to escape the farm where I grew up. I traveled with friends to cities and towns with no plan and very little money, making our way as we went: sleeping in cars, on a stranger’s floor, or pooling money for a hotel room.

Years later, between 2009 and 2012, I made the photographs in Leviathan which emerged from my experiences at a remote community in southeastern Ohio. Originally I was drawn to make these photographs because I saw the potential to reconcile two opposing scenes that I was familiar with. One was the urban skating culture I was part of for thirteen years, and the second was the rural farmland surroundings of my youth. While making these photographs, I realized I had found myself on another farm—a warped doppelganger of my childhood home. The identity of things seemed slightly altered and with this as my guide, I stepped away from my presumed knowledge of where I was. – Morgan Ashcom

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