Michael Kerstgens – Zwischenzeiten (signed)


Lehmstedt Verlag  2019

Michael Kerstgens actually had no great photographic interest in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the turmoil of reunification. Too much black, red and gold and German foolishness – for his taste. By chance he came to Mühlhausen in Thuringia in March 1990. He was commissioned to photograph the “forgotten city” for a West German magazine. His posture changed while he was working. What interested him more and more was life in the medieval city, left to its own devices, far removed from the »Wende« centers of Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden, which the media focused on – a historical city that was poorly patched up by its citizens Life had been held and which now suddenly moved to the center of Germany. The state was still called GDR, but a few days before the Volkskammer elections on March 18, the end was already in sight. During this time between the times, Kerstgens observed the city and its residents attentively and with full sympathy with his camera.

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