Letizia Le Fur – Mythologies


Rue Du Bouquet 2021

Letizia Le Fur’s Mythologies work has its roots in two passions that have inhabited and accompanied the artist since her childhood: Greek mythology and the search for beauty. Guided by classical poets, notably by Hésiode and Ovid, Letizia here freely interprets the myths that she re-visits with her sensitivity and a contemporary aesthetic approach.

Letizia transforms and transcends what surrounds it, embellishes reality, colors grays to invent a world of lair / landmark in which to settle down, repair oneself and find a balance in the midst of harshness. This search for an aesthetic refuge and a state of plenitude borders on her obsession, and one thinks of Stendhal writing, in the essay On Love, “Beauty is nothing but the promise of happiness.”


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