Lena C Emery – RIE


Kominek 2016

“…Within the series of Rie, I wanted to embark on an inherently female dialogue on the subject of revealing. Japan is uniquely ambigious in this respect which encouraged me to explore these thoughts through the communication with and portrayal of Japanese women. As the subjects in the images repeatedly pose, rest and move – at times playfully – while being in different states of undress, we become witness to a delicately complex elaboration in character. While some moments give way to a sense of vulnerability with the subject absorbed in her own intent, not consciously regarding the viewer, others show her clearly aware of the onlooker’s gaze. I was interested in understanding, at what point, when we reveal our bodies, as women to a potential other, does the apparent vulnerability cross over into the understanding and appreciation of the powerful notion of being naked and being oneself without an inner or outer surveyor present, without being on display…” — Lena C. Emery.


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