Helga Paris – Women at Work


Weiss Publications 2022

The themes and motifs in Helga Paris’ photographs are ordinary and quotidian, but – in their stillness – convey the utmost tenderness.

The publication Helga Paris: Women at Work will make the most important series of the German photographer Helga Paris accessible to a broad international audience. With a unique sensibility, her photographs chronicle the everyday life of her times through images of people and spaces. For the series Women at the Clothing Factory VEB Treffmodelle Berlin Paris spent several weeks at a state-owned clothing factory in 1984. During this time, she shot more than 1.500 photographs from which she chose just 50 powerful images. By gaining close familiarity with female workers and their environment, she produced touching portraits that reflect the serenity and beauty of the sitters in brief moments of tranquility.

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