Harald Hauswald/Lutz Rathenow – Ost-Berlin


Jaron Verlag 2022

German language

“Ost-Berlin” is more than a book, it is a legend. As opposition artists in the last years of the GDR, the photographer Harald Hauswald and the writer Lutz Rathenow were under constant state surveillance. Nevertheless, in 1987 they managed to capture the pulse of the times with their relentlessly honest portrait of East Berlin: Rathenow in his attentive observations, in which the stubborn nuances of everyday life come to life again, Hauswald in his photographs, in which he ruthlessly and warm-heartedly at the same time Fractures in the half-town held. 30 years ago, the peaceful revolution put an end to the SED regime. Jaron Verlag is taking this as an opportunity to reissue “Ost-Berlin” in an extended anniversary edition. The high-quality hardcover – printed in a duplex process and provided with a surbalin cover – contains 30 photographs by Hauswald that were not previously included and some of which are printed here for the first time: impressive photographs of the legendary blues masses, for example, of the run-down Friedrichstadtpassage (later the Tacheles) and last but not least of the Mass demonstration at Alexanderplatz, which heralded the end of the GDR on November 4, 1989. The well-known actor and musician Jan Josef Liefers is one of the many former GDR citizens who today feel taken back in time by Hauswald’s photographic material. In his greeting to the anniversary edition, he writes: “Whoever leafs through this book not only looks at good photos, they begin to smell, taste and hear them.” A very special photographic-literary journey back in time to the GDR in the 1980s Years.


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