Hannah Modigh – Delta (signed)


Editions Bessard 2019
“Some branches continue, some dry out, the traces left behind. This is how we float, like a delta. My grandmother was 100 years old when she died, shortly thereafter my child was born. The feeling that death was replaced with life and the course of generation became apparent. Delta is about time, I have been for five years obsessed by taking pictures of time. I have searched for traces depicting the presence of an absence, where life and death vibrates under a fragile border towards the outside world. I want to convey the silence of things that are not said, everyday situations with a death awareness sounding them.

…All humans are certainly faced by lived experiences that in some way must be related to what we express as “time”. Basically we experience time in two different ways. On the one hand it consists of a seemingly endless series of repetitions; between day and night, summer and winter, waxing and waning moon, fertile and infertile periods, ebb and flood. On the other hand we experience time as something irreversible. As humans we know that we were borne and that we will surely die, that life progresses in a way that we cannot control. All these movements through time, linear as well as circular ones, are marked and communicated by certain powerful means at our disposal; rituals. They are powerful because they draw on so many more meaningful systems of symbols than just languages…

Delta is not about individuals or places, but about fragmentary images to illustrate the feeling that everyone is part of a root system and the images are symbols of an involvement.

My way of working is that I a lot of the time coexist with the people I photograph, usually people I never meet before. I’m drawn to photograph abandoned skin and wounded nature. The link between man and nature is always present. My photographic research focus on the relationship between places and human being. I see a great importance in the small subtle details. I am attentive to small shifts in people’s body language. I try to capture the feeling that things are happening beneath the surface. As the surface tension is ready to burst. By repeating certain motifs in the series I try create a sense of emotional patterns that goes in a constant loop.” – Hannah Modigh

Edition of 500 copies.   Each copy with a signed print.

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