Gulu – Set of Prints


Migrant Bird Space 2021

Limited edition of 200

In a way, Gulu’s photography has always been forbidden. There has always been a desire amongst artists and photographers to use naked bodies as their subjects, as the perception of the body is universal. The contradictions, and resistance, in such works has always been there. The passion continues to collide until it fades, at the decisive moment of desire and fear, balance and imbalance. Thus, we need to consider the image produced by the camera and its true intention. The “Suddenly Retreating Desire” comes from the fragmented text of Blanchot, and an accidental glance at it has a strong connection with Gulu’s photography. Its critical point is that it is both a creative state and a way of viewing. The card set includes a one-page text on the artist and 22 photocards of his work.

Selected works by Gulu in high-quality print on 600g cardboard.

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