Fred Hüning – Two Mothers (signed)


Peperoni Books 2017

It all started with ›one circle‹, Fred Hüning’s moving trilogy about a still born child, the love between man and woman, the fears, hopes and wishes during a second pregnancy, the birth and the first years of his son Rocco.

With ›two mothers‹ Fred Hüning continues the family story. His mother has been living alone since her husband’s long-ago death. He and his wife have to cope with the daily household routines and his son Rocco is now 10 years old. These are the themes of the new trilogy ›two mothers‹.

The first part is dedicated to his mother, showing the alone living woman and her everyday activities in the kitchen, in the cemetery and in the garden. Routines interspersed with tender memories of life and the care and worries for children and grandchildren.

Part two addresses the ongoing efforts in a long term relationship of a couple with a child. Cook, wash, take care of the child, decorate the apartment, take care of your own wellbeing, go swimming and – SEX, even if the fire does not burn as hot, as it did 10 years ago.

The third part belongs to the son Rocco, whom we know as a little boy from ›one circle‹. Now he is 10, discovers the world, develops a personality, transports his ideas into the images that his father makes of him and creates drawings of scary monsters that are shown paired with the photos. A wonderful father-son dialogue in pictures.

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