Fred Hüning – One Circle (signed)


Peperoni Books 2015

Second edition of 300 copies

One Circle was chosen by British newspaper The Telegraph for „Inspirational photography books for 2014 – Ten photography books exploring personal journeys to inspire you in the new year“, which reads:
One Circle is in fact the complete narrative of Hüning’s trilogy previously published individually in small editions. The first chapter Einer (One) concerns death, the pain and strife required to overcome the loss of a loved one, a stillborn baby. In Zwei (Two) a couple learn about each other, rediscovering love, happiness and sex. A man succumbs to his partner’s desire to become a mother again, leading to the third book, Drei (Three). This chapter reveals an idyllic childhood, the magical world of a child unearthing life and illuminating those around him. With non-linear photographs of his own family Hüning managed to tell perhaps not a personal but a universal tale of parenthood.

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