FLAT Files – Issue #2


FLAT Labs 2022

FLAT Files is a new photography publication dedicated to showcasing the work of Southern photographers, specifically folks from or based in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, & New Mexico. With each issue, we hope to touch on important topics and help readers discover (and be inspired by) the incredible photographic work being done in our region. Now more than ever, art has an imperative to come closer to audiences, and we hope our magazine will help make that happen.

This second issue of FLAT Files ponders on the cycle of life and the redefinition of home. Object permanence seems hard to grasp, and the things that seemed so familiar and unchanging are now suddenly different. For some, it’s an ending. For others, a new beginning. But everyone wants to hold onto something, to find their footing in these new old spaces, and move forward by embracing their changing journeys.

Our second issue features some old and new faces. You will find the amazing artwork of Reid Calvert, Akasha Rabut, Brandon Thibodeaux and more, and articles from great art thinkers like Carolin Docwra, Sebastien Boncy, Aaron Turner, Ana Velasco, Moriah Alise, and Barbara Levine & Paige Ramey (Project B). Plus each copy comes with an 11×17 poster featuring the work of Reid Calvert!

Edition of 200

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