Dana Stölzgen – In Still Air

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Peperoni – 2014

First edition

Time seems to stand still in the landscape shots, close ups and interiors exactly as in the portraits of young girls, adult and old women.

But actually time expands. Into the past and into the future. In perfect moments the old feel the same way as they were young again and the adults again like children – without remembering exactly. The immortal young girls don´t know much about the life that will lie behind them one day. About love and pain, pleasure and loss, hope, joy and sorrow. They look forward. The old ones look back, and those in the midst of life in both directions.

In this vortex of time generations mirror each other and our own reflections and memories become part of the consideration. Göran Gnaudschun writes about this in his poetic text ›Mirrors‹, which is emclosed in the book. – Hannes Wanderer

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