Christian Schulz – Die wilden Achtziger


Lehmstedt Verlag 2019

German language

In the decade of Helmut Kohl, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, West Berlin attracted young people who wanted to flee West Germany’s affluent society like a magnet.
Here, in the highly subsidized Cold War frontline town still marked by the makeshift post-war era, they found a space in which alternative ways of life could flourish. The squatter scene flourished, punk culture was on the rise, political protest and street festivals were often indistinguishable.

Christian Schulz witnessed these wild years as a photographer, which came to an abrupt end when the Wall came down. His detailed and enigmatic photographs, reveling in gray tones, tell of everyday life, of demonstrations, concerts and balls, and are reminiscent of Rio Reiser, Ideal, Quentin Crisp and other legendary actors of that time.

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