Carolle Bénitah – Jamais Je Ne T’oublierai


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L’ARTIERE – 2019


Size of the book: 20,7 x 22,5 cm

56 pages – Duo tone printing + golden hot foil stamping. Japanese binding with a spiral.

First Edition: 1000 copies in English – French.

While working on my personal archives, I realized that there were very few images of my parents before their marriage: an iconographic desert explained by the fact that they were born in the 1930s in Morocco not yet having running water or electricity. The few photographs kept by my grandmother were double-locked away so as not to touch upon the tragedy caused by the accidental loss of one of her sons. A blanket of silence had stroke with a ban on this previous life. I found myself orphaned by images from the past. I collect anonymous photographs that I buy in flea markets. I am magnetized by the happiness displayed at attention in these photos, by these people I don’t know but who existed, loved, and disappeared. They are ghosts who follow me quietly, and I take them over to build an imaginary family album in order to repair oblivion. (Carolle Benitah)


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