Andreas Gehrke – Quelle Versand 1956-2009 Nürnberg


Drittel Books 2013

Quelle Versand
1956 – 2009 Nürnberg

Part of photographer Andreas Gehrke’s powerful narrative series on dormant modernist buildings. Vacant work spaces that once hosted business enterprises playing a significant role in shaping the political, social and economic face of post-war Germany.

Founded in 1927, Quelle was Germany’s biggest mail order catalogue company and one of its largest department store chains. This purpose-built building by former Bauhaus student Ernst Neufert in Nuremberg was Quelle’s mail order HQ from 1956 until the company’s insolvency in 2009.

64 pages / 27 images
16.5 × 21.5 cm​
Edition of 300, numbered

Foreword: Christine Dissmann
Design: Katrin Oeding

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