Alex Pardi – Tangenziale


Peperoni Books – 2015

First edition

Tangenziale is the city motorway in Milan. Thousands of people drive this road every day. The look ahead. The goal in mind. Pace, pace. Alex Pardi went to Tangenziale many times and took photos. On the road, under bridges, in the wasteland around it. A piece of tangential is always in the picture. But that’s not really the point. Alex Pardi was there when no one else was around. In the dim light, in the mist and fog of the early morning. He didn’t photograph the street or the building, but a feeling. Namely, the feeling that time stops, for you, for a moment that can expand forever and change your life because it is so damn real, awakens a million instincts and provides clarity. You are, alone, but in the world. A wide road that leads to misty nowhere. Without the moments I spoke of, I would have lost my way long ago. (Hannes Wanderer)

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