Adrainna Ault, Tim Carpenter, Raymond Meeks, Brad Zellar -Dumbsaint 01: Township


TIS Books – 2017

Over the course of 2017 and 2018, TIS books is publishing TIS/dumbsaint, a set of three photobook projects for which Raymond Meeks collaborates with a variety of artists and writers. The first title in the series is township, with photographs by Adrianna Ault, Tim Carpenter, and Meeks, along with a new piece of fiction by Brad Zellar.

Edition of 450 copies, 20cm x 27cm, exposed spine softcover with dust jacket, 86 pages, 61 tritone plates, two 4×6 tritone inserts, 16 page 12cm x 20cm short story insert my brother by Brad Zellar.

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