Abigail Varney – Rough & Cut


Trespasser 2022

Approaching the center of Australia, in the middle of nowhere, lies Coober Pedy, an infamous mining town. Coober Pedy owes its existence to the discovery of opal seams in 1915, an iridescent gemstone formed from the water that once covered this desert scape. This precious opal has been mined in a series of boom and busts, almost into oblivion. Beyond the mullock heaps and away from the sun’s searing heat lies the underground dugouts inhabited by the last of the miners, still dreaming of one last opal-rich strike. The men who keep the idiosyncrasies of the town alive and well, offer an insight into the characters who call this place their forever home. Beauty is found in the remnants of this surreal magnetic landscape shaped by extremities of harshness, isolation and finite resources.

Edition of 750 copies.
10×12.5 inches. 68 pages. 32 color and 14 b&w plates
printed on uncoated paper.
Open spine binding with iridescent foil stamped hard cover.

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